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You Are Worthy Earrings


There’s a reason these earrings have been a customer favorite!

Not only are they simple in style and can go with pretty much any outfit, the energy of the black agate and the meaning behind this elegant style can’t be beat.

The last few years have left us all a bit frazzled and fatigued. Time to cleanse and balance our energy so we can get back to joy, love and happiness!

These earrings were made with these qualities in mind. Black agate hearts steal the show and bring grounding energy with a multilevel cleansing effect as well as balancing yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies. They are also a super soothing stone if you need a bit more calm and stability in your life.

Copper is known to amplify the properties of stones which is one of the reasons I love working with this metal!

Each pair is made with my handmade headpins and handmade ear wires.

Measures 1 1/2″ in total length with a drop length of 1″.

Now available in Sterling Silver as well!!!


These earrings are your reminder that you are always worthy!

Made with Black Agate hearts, this stone is beneficial for emotional trauma, boosting self-confidence, aura stabilization and grounding.

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Copper, Sterling Silver