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The Mabon Collection Necklaces


The Mabon Collection is a celebration of color that we experience during the early days of Autumn.

Choose from:

✨”Balance”, the Snakeskin Agate with the stamped copper ring featuring forest and fall designs. The pattern on the agate reminds me of the texture of bark.😍 The Autumn Equinox is a time when day and night are equal. This necklace is the perfect reminder to analyze where you need more balance in your life. Adjusts from 17-18″ long.

✨”Transformation”, another beautiful Snakeskin Agate, but this one is paired with a Peach Aventurine bead. This agate focal makes me think of layers peeling away to reveal the fresh new surface underneath. What layers are you shedding right now? This necklace adjusts from 21-22″ long.

✨”Intention”, this is your reminder to take a step back from the busy and add more purpose and intention to your daily life.πŸ’–

The focal is a handstamped crescent with with a stamped star soldered onto it. Another piece that came together quickly on a whim….I love when I can just let the materials flow and do all the talking! The necklace was made in beaded sections of mixed gemstones including Aventurine, Coral, Peach Aventurine and Turquoise Magnesite.😍 21 1/4″ long with a clasp on the side for comfort.

✨”Bountiful Harvest”, This is the piece that started the entire collection!!! That Impression Jasper focal is just absolutely gorgeous with all the colors of a bright and sunny fall day mixed into one piece.πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’šThe Jasper pendant hangs from a wire component featuring Czech glass, impression Jasper and coral while the body of the necklace is made up of coral, impression Jasper and peach aventurine. This beauty is 19 1/2″ long and also features a clasp on the side for comfort.

✨”Celebration”, I just absolutely love the colors and textures in these beads and it feels like the perfect piece to celebrate the season. Made with a mix of stones including Magnesite, Jasper, Lapis, Tigers Eye and soooooo many more with some tiny, faceted Czech glass beads for a little sparkle.✨


The Mabon Collection Necklaces were made to celebrate the colors of the season!🧑

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Balance, Bountiful Harvest, Celebration, Intention, Transformation


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