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The Mabon Collection Earrings


The Mabon Collection Earrings are the icing on the cake of this autumn inspired collection.

Choose from:

“Intention”, After the busyness of summer, it’s time to take a step back and live with intention once again.These earrings are made with handstamped crescent moons that feature leaves, berries and sowk cute little acorns as well. The Impression Jasper on the handmade ear wires adds a little color to these beauties. Total length of 2″ with a drop length of 1 1/4″.

“Significance”, What does this word mean to you?Everyone loves my ear threaders so I had to add a pair. Simple style that is easy to wear for just a little pop of color. Handmade copper ear wires with Impression Jasper.

“Release”, Fall is the season of letting go…time to release your concerns to the wind. These earrings feature handstamped wings full of seasonal vibes. Pinecones, sunflowers, mums and some little bees grace them. The quartz, impression Jasper and Czech glass add some color and sparkle.✨ Total length of 2 1/2″ with a drop length of 2″.

“Bountiful Harvest”, These earrings have it all. All the early fall colors of the still green grass, the sunshine, the ripe berries on the vine.😍 These gorgeous Impression Jasper teardrops hang gracefully from hammered copper washers and handmade ear wires. Total length 3 1/4″ with a drop length of 2 3/4″.



The Mabon Collection Earrings were created to celebrate the color and beauty of the season!

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Bountiful Harvest, Intention, Release


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