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The Mabon Collection Bracelets


The Mabon Collection bracelets are bursting with autumn color, it will be hard to choose a favorite! The red coral beads reminded me of ripened berries and add such a warm fall vibe. Red is a “power” color and will add protection over those that wear it as well.

Choose from:

✨”Abundance”, Mabon is the second traditional harvest festival from ancient times. We no longer HAVE to grow our own food (though many of us still choose to!) but we can still celebrate abundance in other ways. This bracelet was made with a focal or Aventurine and coral with mixed gemstones making up the rest of the chain. This bracelet is adjust from 7-8 1/4″ long.

✨”Autumn Equinox”, This one feels like fall wrapped up into a whimsical and elegant bracelet. The textured copper washer is stamped with early fall impressions….butterflies, mushrooms, acorns, feathers and chrysanthemum buds. The chain is made up of mixed gemstones and adjustable from 7 1/2-8 1/2″ long.

✨”Equilibrium”, Mabon is the second day of the year when the day and night are equal. What makes you feel like you are in equilibrium? Faceted Aventurine steals the show but that pop of turquoise from the Magnesite followed by the blush of the frosty Peach Aventurine definitely make a statement too.😍Adjustable from 7 3/3-8 3/4″ long.

✨”Fruits of the Harvest”, Time to gather the fruit of the season….both physically and metaphorically.This bracelet reminds me of sunrise in autumn, with the intensity from the red but the softer hues from the Peach Aventurine. Impression Jasper adds a bit of contrast.💖 Adjusts from 7-8″ long.

✨”Reflection”, What are you reflecting on from the past year so far? Made with a beautiful mix of coconut wood, faceted Aventurine and Coral. Adjusts from 7 1/4-8 1/4″ long.


The Mabon Collection Bracelets were created to celebrate the colors of the season!🧡

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Autumn Equinox, Equilibrium


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