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The Rabbit Spirit Bracelet


✨The Rabbit Spirit Bracelet✨

“Now is a lucky time!”

Rabbit Spirit appears before you, to lead you from your burrow (the darkness) and into the light. This can be symbolic of a dark time in your life or just the season we are entering. Whatever resonates with your soul. Look at the world through fresh eyes and watch new opportunities jump out in front of you! Even if you don’t completely trust that things are heading in the right direction release that fear and just know that everything will be okay. 💖


Made with:

✨Ammolite- associated with abundance longevity Awakening creativity and is a powerful Earth healing stone. Ammolite is an ammonite fossil and offers structure and clarity.

✨Brandy Opal- believed to be soul healing, aids in creativity and is a “joy-filled stone”. Said to help you face your fears as well.

✨Amazonite- empowers one to search the self and discover truth and integrity, removes fear and judgment.

✨Stegadone bone-promotes strength, balance, objectivity and immense life force energy while bringing about ancient wisdom.

This bracelet adjusts from 7 3/4″-8 3/4″ with a handmade hook clasp. Due to the design on this bracelet, you do have the ability to shorten it a bit more if needed.

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The Rabbit Spirit Bracelet is part of my late fall collection, The Elders.✨

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