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Priestess Necklace


Protection, healing, courage, balance….this necklace may bring all of these things and more thanks to the stones used in the Priestess Necklace.💖

Raw Ruby is a major protector of both family and possessions while Jasper leands supreme nurturing qualities. Fire Agate is supportive during difficult times and provides a shield of protection around the body. Quartz is the master healer, energy enhancer and brings the body into balance while wood beads add a grounding and soothing energy.

Copper is a known amplifier and is believed to enhance the properties of the stones it comes in contact with.

The focal is a thick, hammered piece of copper that reminded me of something protective an ancient priestess would have worn, hence the name.

This necklace is adjustable from 22 1/2-23 1/3 inches long with a handmade copper hook clasp.

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The Priestess Necklace was made to celebrate and rediscover your inner goddess!✨

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