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Peace and Grounding Ritual Mala


Are you calling more peace and balance into your life right now?

This hand knotted mala was designed to help you reclaim your inner peace with a grounding and cleansing blend of red and Tibetan agate as well as Sandalwood and an Ammolite focal.

Agate is known for it’s powerful cleansing effect, bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. With it’s calming and soothing vibration it is believed to help release bitterness and anger bringing about a more peaceful existence.

Sandalwood is often used in ritual malas and also offers a calming and soothing effect.

The focal is a beautiful Ammolite (or Ammonite) fossil representing life’s journey, coming full circle and is also believed to activate personal empowerment. This is a powerful healing stone that has been used for ages from the Egyptians, the Greeks and even the Native Americans who called this the Buffalo Stone.

A handstamped copper charm reminds you to continue your mission of peace.

This mala is on the long side at approximately 45″ which gives you the opportunity to wrap it for a double layered necklace and can even work as a chunky wrap bracelet.

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Peace and Grounding Ritual Mala, made with Ammolite, Agate and Sandalwood. Lovingly knotted by hand.

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