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Montana Mandala Necklace


Bring the Montana Mandala Necklace into your life for peace and healing.

Agate is one of the most soothing, grounding and healing stones I have come across and I absolutely love working with any variation of this stone. These Montana Agate beads are no different!

This necklace started out as a creative outlet, just stamping a mandala for fun. I was so excited  with how it turned out and it quickly transformed into a pendant.

Paired with the Montana Agate, I believe this has become a beautiful piece of healing, wearable art.

Adjusts from 20.25 inches to 21.25 inches with a handmade hook clasp.


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The Montana Mandala Necklace gets it’s name from the intricately stamped copper mandala pendant with a chain of Montana Agate beads.✨