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Hawthorn Moon Handstamped Moon Phase Bracelet


Adorn your wrist with ancient beads and the magic of the Hawthorn Moon.

The Hawthorn tree is known as The Fairie Tree in Celtic lore and the month of May is the Celtic month of Hawthorn, making the full moon in May, the Hawthorn Moon.

This piece came together quickly, with these gorgeous Dendritic Opals as the foundation. Believed to help with spiritual growth as well as synchronizing the chakras.

Made with a mix of gemstones including Crazy Lace Agate, Labradorite and Dendritic Opal and paired with copper and Ancient Roman Glass beads which are anywhere from 900-1200 years old.

Adjustable from 7.25-8.25 inches long and finished with a handmade hook clasp.


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The Hawthorn Tree is known in Ireland as the Fairie Tree while the month of May is the month of the Hawthorn in the Celtic calendar. This is why the full moon in May is known as The Hawthorn Moon.

This mini collection was created using earthy elements on Dendritic Opal, Ancient Roman Glass beads and mixed, earthy gemstones. This bracelet also features a copper washer which is stamped with crescent moons and Hawthorn blossoms. The perfect compliment for your breezy spring wardrobe.

Finished with a handmade hook clasp and adjusts from 7.25″-8.25″ long.