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Gemstone and Czech Glass Ear Threaders


Sometimes you want a dangley style earring without all the dangle, right?!😆

Enter, the ear threaders! These simple beauties are perfect for those of us that don’t care for post earrings but still want something on the short side without a lot of movement.

Each of these earrings is made by hand with a gemstone or Czech glass bead wrapped up at the end to still give you a little pop of color.

Made from 20 gauge sterling silver or copper wire.



Gemstone and Czech Glass Ear Threaders are the perfect alternative to post earrings!

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Agate, Agate, Black, Amethyst, Crazy Lace Agate, Czech Glass, LavaStone, Moss Agate, Opalite, Opalite/Copper, Pink Aventurine, PinkTourmaline, Small Opalite/Sterling, Sodalite, Aventurine, Black Line Agate, goldstone, Green Line Agate, Tigers Eye/Copper, Tigers Eye/Sterling


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