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Dreamscape Necklaces


Each night we leave the physical world for the dream world. This is where we enter the Dreamscape.

This series was made just for fun, in celebration of the more mystical side of life. These are your reminder to pay attention to the messages you receive each night and maybe even turn some of those dreams into reality.

Each necklace is made with a handstamped, oxidized copper pendant with an eclectic mix of gemstone drops on a sterling silver chain. Finished off with a handmade copper hook clasp

Choose from:

•The Bee with Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Peruvian Opal.

•The Fox with Blue Tigers Eye, Turquoise and Chalcedony.

•The Moth with Blue Tigers Eye and two different quartz crystals.


Follow your dreams with the Dreamscapes Necklaces!


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