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Aphrodite Rose Quartz Necklace


When you show yourself the same love you give to others, you bring more love, joy and happiness to everyone you encounter!💖

We’ve been taught over the years that we aren’t good enough, whether it’s our bodies that are imperfect (um, hello…we’re all perfectly imperfect!!!) or just who we are in general.

It’s time to take back our power and love ourselves more! We are all amazing creations living on this planet!!! This triple Rose Quartz necklace was designed to give the wearer a triple dose of loving energy. Three Rose Quartz stones were set into a generously sized bed of copper and Sterling silver.

The elegant pendant hangs from a necklace created with Red and Gold Tigers Eye (strength), Amazonite (speaking your truth), Rose Quartz (all forms of love), Turquoise Magnesite (emotional balance) and wood for grounding properties. Copper is an aplifyer and always enhances the properties of the stones in it’s presence.💖

This beauty is adjustable and finished with a handmade copper hook clasp.

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The Aphrodite Rose Quartz Necklace was created to assist you on your journey of self love.