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Agate Geode Cross Necklace


Sometimes you just need a little faith in your life! My copper crosses have been super popular over the years and I am excited to offer this new variation with my Agate Geode Cross Necklace!

Each cross started out as just plain old copper wire which I cut, hammered, shaped and soldered into a cross shape. Each cross was then connected to a beautiful agate geode slice before being attached to leather cord. Each necklace is finished off with a handmade hook and loop clasp. These necklace create a beautiful reminder to always have faith in any situation.

Adjustable from 17-18″ long.


Agate Geode Cross Necklace, made with an agate slice and a handmade copper cross. Attached to leather cord and finished with a handmade copper hook clasp.

Additional information

Stone Color

Blue, Pink, Purple


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