About Paris Creek Jewelry

Remember, you're magic...

Do you feel that magic in your veins? That longing to reconnect to the wild? I’m happy to tell you that no matter what season of life you’re in right now, Mother Nature will always be there waiting with open arms.

~Corri Riebow

  CEO of Paris Creek Jewelry

Maybe you live in the city, working a corporate job and spending more time in the concrete jungle than in an actual forest. Or maybe you are the new mother who feels exhausted and overwhelmed, like you are losing little pieces of yourself while struggling to navigate this new phase of life. I get it and I have faced these situations too!
Hi, I am Corri, the founder, visionary and sole-creator behind Paris Creek Jewelry.
For years I struggled to find my own voice, create my own place in this world and live an authentic life.
A true Michigan girl, spending time in nature has always soothed my soul. I can’t help but collect little pieces of nature wherever I go. (Just ask my family and friends about the leaves and twigs in my hair or rocks in my shoes.) Realizing that connecting with nature is where I belong, I wanted to capture this soothing feeling and share it with others. 
My jewelry designs and skills have evolved over the years, but my customer’s feedback has remained the same…the jewelry I create makes them feel beautiful, unique, strong and happy!
I carefully choose the stones and materials I use in my work, not only for their beauty but for the energy they lend to each piece as well. Unlike many designers, I don’t always start with a plan. I let the materials do the talking and tell me what they should become.
We are all on our own journey but we’re still walking side by side. We each have our own mix of struggles and triumphs and it is my intention to assist you, the free spirit, on your individual path. To help you find and embrace the beauty and imperfections of every day life while nurturing your own  inner beauty and wild side….rekindling and strengthening your connection to nature. Thank you for walking this path with me.